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We live in complicated times

Families today can comprise of many members.  Complications may arise in “blended families” – the his kids, her kids and our kids situations are increasingly common and partners and  ex partners can add to the confusion.

The potential for conflict in our generation is greater than it has ever been.

Your Will ties together your lifetime of work and planning and how you want your assets distributed among your family including special mementos that you may want kept by a specific loved one.

It’s one of the most important documents you can make and it can be prepared easily and with no fuss or stress by Guardian Wills and Probate, leaving you to carry on with enjoying your life.


Dying without a Will (Intestate) means your total assets do not always automatically pass to your spouse, partner, or loved ones.  It can cause confusion and conflict.

Do you wish your assets to go to people you chose rather than those chosen by the government?

Some things for you to consider.

Are you in a marriage or de facto relationship and have a home owned jointly or as tenants in common?

How is your estate distributed?  Do you have a right to reside so you have somewhere to live.  Will your children benefit from your estate if you have a new partner?

Is your Will up to date?

Have you separated, divorced, remarried, or entered into a de-facto relationship since your last Will?  Since July 2007 it is not essential to live with someone to be considered their defacto partner.

Have you had additional children since your last Will? Do you wish to appoint guardians for your children?

Do you wish to set up a testamentary trust for your children? Have you acquired additional assets either solely, jointly or as part of a family trust or business since your last Will?

Have you updated your nominated beneficiary with your superannuation fund or life insurance policy?

Have you made provision for funeral arrangements in your Will thereby relieving your loved ones of difficult decisions?



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