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We remain open so you can still come and see us in our Joondalup office
OR if you prefer, we also now offer an Online Will Writing Service if you are self-isolating

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Guardian Wills and Probate | Perth, WA
Suite 19/87 McLarty Avenue, Joondalup WA 6027

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We also provide an Online Will Writing Service if you are not able to visit us in Joondalup


About Us

Guardian Wills & Probate Perth

Guardian Wills and Probate is an incorporated legal practice in Joondalup, Perth. The only work we handle is the preparation of Wills and deceased estate work. We have clients from all over the Perth metropolitan and country areas coming to see us for a review of their old Wills or making a new Will in Perth

Creating a will Perth


Guardian Wills & Probate Perth

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult time for everyone.  Call today in Perth.


Guardian Wills & Probate Perth

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Guardian Wills & Probate Perth

Gift of Grace is a Holistic Support Service dedicated to environmental and social sustainability.  They offer personalised funeral ceremonies with gentle and respectful care.

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Guardian Wills & Probate Perth

Based in Joondalup, Perth, WA

Writing a will Perth

Standard Wills for a couple in Perth - from $495 (including complimentary Living Wills)

You owe it to the ones you leave behind to make sure that you have made a Will and that your estate is distributed in the way you would wish. Guardian Wills and Probate have a lifetime of experience and a common-sense approach to the preparation of Wills.

Guardian Wills and Probate will explain the importance of making a Will and answer any queries or concerns you have

Call us today on 0400 451 786 for obligation free advice. Perth Wills

Some things for you to consider when making a Will

  • Are you in a marriage or de facto relationship and have a home owned jointly or as tenants in common?
  • How is your estate to be distributed?
  • Do you have a right to reside so you have somewhere to live?
  • Will your children benefit from your deceased estate if you have a new partner?
  • Is your Will up to date?
  • Have you separated, divorced, remarried, or entered into a de facto relationship since your last Will?
  • Since July 2007 it is not essential to be living with someone to be considered their de facto partner.
  • Have you had additional children since making your last Will?
  • Do you wish to appoint guardians for your children?
  • Do you wish to set up a testamentary trust for your children?
  • Have you acquired additional assets either solely, jointly or as part of a family trust or business since preparing your last Will?
  • Have you updated your nominated beneficiary with your superannuation fund or life insurance policy?
  • Have you made provision for funeral arrangements in your Will thereby relieving your loved ones of difficult decisions?


Perth Wills | More Information

Guardian Wills and Probate Perth

Guardian Wills and Probate is an incorporated legal practice in Joondalup. The only work we handle is the preparation of Wills and deceased estate work. We have clients from all over the Perth metropolitan and country areas coming to see us for a review of their old Wills or making a new Will.

We specialise in the preparation of Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Guardianship, Probate, Letters of Administration, Executor Assistance and conveyancing.  No other legal work is undertaken by us.  We have built up a reputation as a helpful, friendly business who always put our clients first.

It’s very important to Guardian Wills and Probate that our clients are comfortable to discuss, ask us questions and work out the best way to look after their family when they make their Will

At Guardian Wills and Probate, everybody matters.

Living WIllsBeing named as Executor of a deceased estate is often a challenging task, and while still grieving over the death of a loved family member or friend, the Executor has to organise the deceased affairs to ensure their Will is distributed according to law in the manner that the deceased has made known in the Will.

At Guardian Wills and Probate, we do the work for you while you remain Executor.  We have nothing to do with the Deceased Estate Bank Account.  The Deceased Estate trust fund is controlled by the Executor.

We prepare and lodge a Grant of Probate at the Supreme Court of Western Australia.  The Grant of Probate or Letters of Administrations usually takes 4 – 6 weeks for the Supreme Court to approve. We can have the documentation prepared for lodgement within 3-7 days of being contacted.  (Probate cannot be lodged until 14 days after death and also the original death certificate must be produced. We liaise with all financial institutions, insurance companies, superannuation funds, sell shares, arrange conveyancing, etc.  In fact, we do everything that is required to wind up the deceased’s financial affairs.

Once a Grant of Probate is granted, monies are collected and forwarded to the deceased estate bank account.  Once all funds have been collected, we will prepare a Statement of disbursements and reimbursements and monies to be paid to each beneficiary.

No funds have to be paid to Guardian Wills, and Probate upfront, and the deceased estate pays for our services once money becomes available in the deceased estate bank account.

Our fees for a Grant of Probate and Estate Administration are usually between $3,500 and $7,500, depending on the work involved.

Please contact us on 0400 451 786 for a quote.

Your Will protects your family and everything you have worked and planned for your whole life. * Who you would like to be executor

* Who you would like to be substitute executor

* Do you have any special bequest

* How would you like your estate to be distributed.

* At what age would you want your children to have access to their inheritance – 18 years, 21 years, 23 years 25 years etc or would you like it staggered.

* Who would you want to be the guardians or your children.

* In the unfortunate circumstances that you all perish in an accident who would you like your inheritance to go to – parents, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews?

* How would you like your funeral to be prepared – church service, celebrant, willow coffin, eco funeral , buried, cremated, ashes scattered on the ocean or placed at a cemetery.

It all sounds a bit complicated and something people are uncomfortable about doing but we make it an educated and thoughtful process and you will gain peace of mind and then just get back to enjoying your life and family.

And remember – Everybody matters at Guardian Wills and Probate

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

Dying without a Will (Intestate) means your total assets do not always automatically pass to your spouse, partner, or loved ones.  It can cause confusion and conflict.

Who do you want your assets to go to? What about special memorabilia?

Dying without a Will means the family are left adrift without a compass showing them where to go and how to manage your affairs.

If you have a superannuation policy, then the superannuation company may decide to pass a portion of the super over to your wife and leave the rest in trust for the children. This can mean hardship for your partner while trying to make house payments and raise a family.

For single people dying without a Will the beneficiaries of their estate will be their parents and brothers and sisters in accordance with Section 14 of the Administration Act 1903 and amendments.

At Guardian Wills and Probate, we give all our clients complimentary Living Wills.

What does a Living Will do?

This document states that should you be dying and there is no hope or chance of your recovery that you should be able to die peacefully, given pain relief and fluids and not have your life artificially prolonged.
This document lets your family and family doctor know that these are your wishes, and if, in the future, they are asked to make some difficult decisions they are adhering to your request.

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